My pro player racquets

by TN

I made a video about my pro player racquets and why they work for the player they originally belonged to. Djokovic, Agassi, Murray, and more.

My Pro Player Racquets

I am lucky to own a few interesting pro player racquets. I highlight most of them in this video to illustrate how different racquets suit different styles and how personalized each pro player's racquet is. Many club players want to use the same racquet as their favorite player, but I recommend not to do that. Like I always say, you need to find the racquet that works for you. Copying someone else, whether that is your coach or Novak Djokovic, is rarely a good idea.

Among my pro player racquets are also the personal frames of Andy Murray and Andre Agassi. Playing with them makes you understand how that racquet works so well for the style and technique of that particular player. Everything is personalized. The grip, the weight, the balance. And they're usually cumbersome.

Some pros use lighter racquets for a whippier swing style. Players like Taylor Fritz, Jack Sock, Carlos Alcaraz and Nick Kyrgios are known to use lighter racquets than most professional tennis player. But it's mainly a part of a bigger generational shift. The older generation of pros still playing, overall, use much heavier frames.

Racquets on the WTA Tour

Pro-player racquets on the WTA Tour are generally much lighter. They are closer in specification to power and spin racquets you find in the stores. But they are still often older generations, customized to their spec.

If a player wants to copy a professional player, it usually makes more sense to copy someone on the WTA Tour than the ATP, as these are a bit more forgiving and easier to use.

What would happen if they traded racquets?

It would be interesting to see a tournament where Nadal and Djokovic traded racquets and played a match. Why not Murray and Federer, Alcaraz and Sinner? We would surely see some interesting results from such an event.

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