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Podcast with Troy Lara from Tennis Warehouse

by Jonas Eriksson

The Chris Edwards episode was so popular, so why not invite another play-tester icon? Here is Troy Lara from Tennis Warehouse.

Podcast with Troy Lara from Tennis Warehouse

Troy Lara has been reviewing gear and working on content for Tennis Warehouse for 16 years. I am sure most people reading this have watched Troy in many TW videos over the years. Many racquet nerds will relate to his preference for heavy player racquets. Customizing, adding a leather grip and so on…

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During our Zoom chat, which sadly did not have a brilliant connection all the way through (the perils of Internet podcasts), we talked about the following:


00:50 How did you get started at Tennis Warehouse?
04:23 Do you still string a lot of racquets?
06:00 Have you seen a trend shift when it comes to tensions and string use in general?
07:39 Do you have a favorite racquet setup right now?
09:32 Was it tough to transition from standard to an XL racquet?
11:36 How do you usually add weight in the handle of a racquet?
14:00 Do you ever go back to the Six-One 95?
16:10 Let’s talk about recent racquets and play-tests (starting with the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Origin)
22:54 New Yonex VCORE racquets
26:30 Solinco Whiteout 18×20
29:48 What about a Tennisnerd racquet?
31:52 Tecnifibre racquets like the TF40 and the Tfight
36:39 What about the new HEAD Radical racquets?
39:55 New Gravity racquets
43:52 An overlooked gem
45:26 The Wilson Shift racquets
48:06 New Wilson Pro Staff
53:09 How do you keep up with customer feedback on YouTube and the TW Forums?
57:16 Are you still excited when it is time to play-test a new racquet?
1:00:04 Should we “roast” more racquets?
1:02:39 How do you give racquet recommendations with the vast amount of racquets on the market?
1:06:05 What is your injury history? Any tennis elbow?
1:09:12 Troy’s racquet history
1:19:23 Troy’s favorite tennis shoes on the market right now

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and the chat, and sorry about the connection issues at times. Let me know if you have ideas for other guests you want to listen to in the future and big thanks to Troy for coming on the show!

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