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Roger Federer quotes about racquets

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In 2013 Federer changed his racquet from a Pro Staff 90 to a Pro Staff 97. Here are some interesting Federer quotes about racquets.

Federer’s racquet change in 2013 arguably helped him win more slams (he won three in 2017-2018 and reached the Wimbledon final in 2019). If you’re interested in his current racquet, read this review on the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. If you want to see a throwback video to his previous racquet, there is the Pro Staff 85 review and the Pro Staff 90 review, you can also check out this post about Roger Federer’s racquet history or Federer’s racquet setup. But this post wants to highlight some Federer quotes about racquets.

Federer talks about racquet switching

“It’s the extension of the arm, essentially, and your hand. So from that standpoint the question is you always have to ask yourself, is your racquet and your mind going to be aligned at 5-All in the third set at 30-All?
“Can you hit it into the corner? Some days you just can’t. That’s nothing to do with the racquet. But that’s why racquet changes need to be taken very seriously and at the right time of the year and with the right mindset, a positive one, not one in frustration.”
“It’s definitely not easy, you know. I never heard anybody say, This was, like, such a simple move for me. It just takes time, you know.

“I think it’s good to test racquets, test frames, test new technology, because all of a sudden you realize that something is working better for you. Same with strings, for that matter. There is so much out there in the market that I have always been curious to find out what’s out there, because maybe you find some that’s better.”

I think what Federer said rings true for players on many levels. It’s always good to test and see if a racquet switch or a string change (tension, type, gauge) can make a difference on your game. If you want to watch a video about pro players switching racquets, click the link.

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Changing your gear in a sport that is so related to muscle-memory as tennis is not easy. But when you get it right, it feels great! Do you have any stories about racquet switching that you would like to share?

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