ATP Player Strings

by Jonas Eriksson
atp pro's player strings

In a recent video, I went through string tensions from the Vienna ATP 500. Sadly, there are no gauges detailed for these ATP player strings.

ATP Player Strings

Thanks to Michael and Robin for providing the sheets. The easiest way to enjoy them is to watch the video. But I will go through many of the tensions and racquets briefly below. If you are considering changing your racquet setup, you can check out my racquet recommendations and string recommendations by clicking the links.

This post will mainly be me rattling off player ATP racquet setups. For more in-depth specifications, there should be separate articles for many of these players on the website or YouTube channel.

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What the ATP Pros use, part 1

Daniil Medvedev strings his Tfight 95 sq inch, 18×19 racquet with Tecnifibre Razor Soft at 22 kg. This is lower than his standard tension around 24 kg (53 lbs), but the Vienna hard courts were slow as far as I heard.

Alexander Zverev strings his Gravity Pro with HEAD Hawk Touch in the mains at 20.5 kg and VS natural touch at 21.5 kg, which is surprisingly low. It seems like players have gone down in tension when going indoors. 

Grigor Dimitrov uses gut in the mains at 25.5 kg and 4G in the crosses at 24.5 kg in his Pro Staff 97 with the 18×17 string pattern.

Alberto Ramos Vinolas strings his extended Pure Drives with a full bed of 4G, mains 24 kg and crosses 23 kg.

Jannik Sinner strings his HEAD Speed MP with HEAD Hawk Touch at 28 kg. Big hitters like Sinner, Alcaraz, Thiem and Nadal seem reluctant to fiddle with string tensions.

Daniel Evans strings his Wilson Six One 95 racquets with Alu Power mains and natural gut crosses, both at 48 lbs.

Lorenzo Sonego uses Alu Power Soft in his Blade 98 pro stock at 19 kg. 

Andrey Rublev uses Lynx Tour in his Gravity Pro at 26 kg mains and 25 kg crosses.

Aleksandr Nedovyesov is a Pure Drive player, using RPM Blast and Luxilon Original 26.5 and 25.5 kg.

Francisco Cerundolo strings his PT57A with Kirschbaum Max Power around 49 lbs.

Roman Safiullin uses a HEAD Gravity Pro strung with Lynx Tour at 25 kg. Curiously, he was down at 18 kg at the Stockholm Open the week before due to slow courts and balls.

What the ATP Pros use, part 2

Marcelo Melo strings his HEAD Extreme with a full bed of HEAD Velocity at 18 kg. How is this even possible to control? I don’t know.

Matteo Arnaldi uses HEAD Hawk Grey on the mains and hawk white on the crosses. 22 kg mains, 21 kg crosses. The white is softer than the grey and the lower tension will help it move a bit better and create more snapback. He uses some form of Radical pro stock, possibly the early Graphene models.

Karen Khachanov uses a full bed of Alu Power in his H22 pro stock. As many do these days, he strings the mains 2 kg higher at 24 and then 22 kg for the crosses.

Dominic Thiem is still with RPM Power and stays around 25 kg. He is a bit like Rafa, he doesn’t like adjusting the tension too much in between conditions.

Jiri Lehecka who uses a Wilson Six One 95 is also with a full bed of Alu Power, like Khachanov, and with the same 24/22 kg tension.

Doubles player Andreas Mies is another H22 player, and he strings it with Solinco Tour Bite at 21-20 kg.

Matwe Middlekoop is using a HEAD 95 sq inch pro stock, looks like a PT57A, and strings it with Iso-Speed strings at 26-25 kg. It looks like the cross is a multi or gut string.

Sebastian Ofner strings a Pure Strike 98 with a thin Isospeed poly in the mains and a slightly thicker poly in the crosses: 26 and 25 kg.

Tommy Paul uses a Yonex VCORE 98 with Alu Power in the mains at 50 lbs, which is 22.5 kg and natural gut in the crosses at 53 lbs, which is 24 kg.

What the ATP Pros use, part 3

Rajeev Ram plays a Pure Aero strung with gut in the mains at 49 lbs and a grey Solinco string in the crosses at 46 lbs. It’s a pretty powerful setup, but I think that is pretty common for doubles players.

Wesley Koolhof uses a 98 sq inch HEAD pro stock strung with Alu Power mains at 21 kg or 47 lbs and 21 kg Element in the crosses. Those two strings pair well together for a slightly softer setup.

Neal Skupski is another HEAD player with what looks a 98-inch Prestige strung with Alu Power mains and Babolat VS touch gut in the crosses. Both are slightly below 20 kg at 44 lbs.

Alexei Popyrin hits big and strings his Dunlop FX 500 Tour pro stock with Luxilon 4G at 27 kg. That sounds pretty heavy on the arm to me!

JJ Wolf plays with a mullet strung up with natural hair at 36 lbs. He uses a HEAD Speed Pro strung with Solinco Tour Bite at 45 lbs.

Gael Monfils, coming in fresh from his Stockholm win, strings his Artengo Control Tour with Alu Power at 26 kg mains and 25 kg crosses, that is 57 and 55 lbs.

Aleksandar Vukic uses an older Pure Aero VS strung with RPM Blast Rough yellow at 44 lbs.

Philipp Oswald uses a HEAD Gravity Pro with Babolat VS Touch natural gut at 24 kg and HEAD Hawk at 23 kg. Nice setup.

Borna Gojo uses what looks like a PT57A strung with Alu Power at 24 kg mains and 23 kg crosses.

Another PT57A player is Aslan Karatsev who strings his racquets with HEAD Hawk white at 24 kg mains and 23 kg crosses.

Sander Gille strings his Yonex VCORE with Luxilon Element at 22.5 kg, which is 50 lbs.

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