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Which are the Best Racquets of 2022?

by TN

Which are the best racquets of 2022? We're getting closer to summarizing the year and I'm keen to hear your favorites.

Which are the best racquets of 2022?

I have done this summary for several years. I call it the Gear of the Year. You can see previous editions below.

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Gear of the Year 2017
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I already made a video of one of the racquets that should be mentioned on the list in 2022. You can check out my written review of the HEAD Speed Pro here or watch the video below.

Can you really talk about “the best racquet”?

What works for one player doesn't necessarily mean it works for another. But some racquet models are very popular for a reason. They are high-quality racquets with a wide appeal. Still, you need to play with something that works for you.

So although it might sound a bit silly to call something “the best”, it's the term used for ranking pretty much any product. I will focus on the strongest releases in different categories of racquets. The Speed Pro is a racquet for an advanced player who likes to hit aggressively from the baseline (there are obviously exceptions to this, but that is a general idea). Intermediate players should consider a slightly lighter racquet like the Speed MP or MP L.

For more racquet recommendations, check out my online resource, The Road to the Right Racquet.

What other racquets should be considered?

There were some impressive releases in 2022. I have also really enjoyed the new Babolat Pure Aero, which I think was a strong upgrade. But there were some other excellent racquets in 2022. These are all my reviews for 2022. Do you have a favorite racquet or racquets on this list? At the time of writing, it's the end of October so there might be some more releases before we close the year, but I don't see more than one or two reviews beyond this list.

Yonex Ezone 98
Yonex Ezone 100
Yonex Ezone 98 Tour
HEAD Extreme MP
HEAD Extreme Team
HEAD Speed Pro
HEAD Boom Pro
Babolat Pure Aero
Babolat Pure Strike VS
Dunlop SX 300
Prince ATS Tour 98
Wilson Clash V2
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Artengo TR 960 Control Tour
Angell Asi 2.0
Tecnifibre TF40
Tecnifibre Tfight ISO 305
Tecnifibre Tempo IGA 298
Prokennex Ki 10 305
Donnay Unibody
Toalson Forty-Love
FT Saber
Solinco Blackout 300

Have I missed any exciting releases in 2022? Let me know in the comments!

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Trip October 24, 2022 - 03:19

Don’t forget the Furi Arma Pro 98. Quite possibly the racquet of the year for an attacking player looking for an evolved hybrid of a Pro Staff and a Pure Strike. A great release by Furi!

As for an overall racquet of the year, though, it’s too tough to name a single frame. Rather, I think a Racquet *Silo* Of The Year is a better focus, and for that, it has to be either the Head Speed or Yonex EZone. I would probably give the edge to the EZone, for greater overall mass appeal and a higher level of quality control.

TN October 26, 2022 - 09:43

Yes, the review of the Furi Arma Pro 98 is coming soon.

Ralf October 24, 2022 - 14:26

Hey! I switched from a Wilson Blade 18/20 to Solinco Whiteout 305 16/19. It works perfect for me. 😉 I saw yout review with this Racket 😉 thank you

Andre October 27, 2022 - 19:11

Picked up the Solinco Whiteout earlier this year. It is less powerful with more control than my Babolat Pure Strike 98, but it is more powerful with less control than my Wilson Blade 98 v8 16×19. Fits right in the middle 🙂
However, it is stiffer than both of them…..so beware if you have sensitive arm issues (i.e: tennis elbow).
Overall, it is an excellent racket! Firmly deserves to be amongst the best racquets of 2022.

Volker October 27, 2022 - 21:20

No. 1 – Prince ATS Tour 98
No. 2 – Head Speed Pro Auxetic


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