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Racquet comparisons

by TN

I asked the question on YouTube what type of racquet comparisons people want to see on Tennisnerd. Here are the answers with some comments.

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Racquet comparisons and other content

Thanks to everyone who commented on the thread. It’s always good to understand what people want to see.

I’d personally love to see an in-depth yet accessible video covering what different positions of lead/weight do to a racket with some demonstrations along with it! Yeah, that is a good idea. We have covered that a bit in the customization section in the Unstrung Nerds app, but it would be interesting to demonstrate it on the tennis court. 

Rhys Cole
I would love a video that matches the best rackets for different play styles. I.e. counter punched, aggressive baseline etc. Then maybe have a selection of intermediate & advanced rackets to cover each style! I cover this in the e-book and online course, The Road to the Right Racquet, but I can look into taking making some YouTube videos about it as well. 

Also, have you ever thought about doing one of those long-form tier list videos? It would be a cool summary of all your work/knowledge and very fun to watch. Not a huge fan of tier lists, but maybe in the future.

Sean Conlin
A 95 sq in racket comp video would be great, especially since you gravitate toward these types of control frames generally. Yeah, I might need to update the video and post I did about the Best Racquets 95 sq inch racquets on the market. If you haven’t watched it, you do get some info there, though.

Captain Pfuscher
Personally, I am quite interested in string theory. Hybrids, especially. Multi/Poly, Poly/Poly, Soft in the cross or main, how to dial in tension on the softer multis, what gauges on softer multis, round or shaped poly. I am also interested in this stuff and I aim to do some experiments on YouTube in the near future. If you want string recommendations, I recommend the Road to the Right Racquet

Angell TC95 18×20 Vs PT57A Vs modern equivalents – in regards to feel, control and comfort .. having that special solid feel on contact with great dwell time.. ie. foam-filled racquets or ones that don’t give you that awful hollow feeling .. enjoyed my Donnay frames, now living the Angell. Never tried the PT57A.. not modern equivalents of that ilk.. all power to you, Jonas! A video on modern old-school feeling frames vs new old-school feeling frames is a good idea.

Tarun Agarwal
Hey Jonas, can you please compare Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 or the Autograph edition to the newly launched Wilson Pro Staff 97 v14, would love to know how much they differ in ball feel, stiffness, control and maybe topspin. I think I did compare them a bit in my Pro Staff V14 review. I have changed my mind a bit on the V13 vs V14, though, the V14 is softer and a bit more dampened, which most players might prefer.

Requested racquet experiments

Shift 315 vs Gravity Pro vs Speed Pro vs X (insert another 100sq control racket with 310g+ and 18/20). 100sq and 18/20 is quite interesting, trying to combine control and forgiveness. Yeah, these heavy control racquets are interesting to compare. I would say they are all for advanced players, if you are below 4.5 NTRP, I would go for something more forgiving. The Shift gives you the most power, the Gravity the most control, and the Speed and X are in between. 

Captain Darling
The most recognized “classic” rackets from each brand. People seem to love classic racquets, as do I.

Max Weishan
Hi there, Jonas, any chance you could please do the Dunlop SX 300 Tour versus the new VCore 98 (or 95) versus the Shift 315? Thank you for all you do. I would say that the SX 300 Tour requires some added weight to play stable as it is very fast and easy to swing, but lacks some mass in the head. The VCORE 98 is more stable, but also very dampened, which can make it difficult to feel the ball. The comfort of the VCORE is better, but it feels a bit more erratic.

Jose Parcerisa
A 18×20 Roundup: TF40, Blade V8, Head Prestige, Solinco Whiteout 305 and Babolat Pure Strike 18×20. This is something, I’d enjoy to do, so can get going. 

Philippe De Bruin
Please compare Ezone 98 to Blade 98, Pro Staff 97, and Gravity Pro. These are very different racquets. The Ezone is a power racquet, the rest are more controlled. The Gravity Pro and the PS 97 are the most demanding, while the Blade is in the middle and the Ezone stands on its own with easier playability.

Niklas Sonntag
I would love you to compare the current 97-inch Headsize Models. And I would also love an in-depth look at the current pure strike family and how they compare. I am waiting for a Pure Strike update, because the racquets have been around since 2019 now. That should be in 2024. There are not many 97 sq inch racquets on the market so that is doable with the Pro Staff, the VCORE Pro and some lesser known ones. 

Emil G
Compare the best 95 or below racquets for today’s game. Yeah, I might need to update the video and post I did about the Best Racquets 95 sq inch racquets on the market. If you haven’t watched it, you do get some info there, though.

More content ideas and racquet comparisons

Gravity MP L. vs Prestige MP L. Vs extreme MP L vs speed MP L vs boom MP L… PLEASE do a test for us weaker folks needing lighter auxetic. Interesting idea. I think it’s good that people consider using lighter and more forgiving racquets overall. 

Let’s nerd out on some exercises that help prevent or strengthen tennis elbow/wrist issues. This is important, although maybe not the sexiest topic for racquet nerds. I did do a podcast with my physio in Malta about this and I tend to work with the flexbar or resistance bands to avoid arm problems. 

Dunlop CX 200 after your weight tape mod (2g at 12 or 4g at 3/9). I think this racquet is one of those that needs weight at the sides (3 and 9) more than a polarized setup, but it also depends on the player. If you are a spin player, polarized setups tend to be more suitable.

Dimitris Tzimis
Prestige MP L vs RADICAL MP vs TFight 305 vs Blade 98 vs CX 200. That is a tough one. Will look into it. I think the Blade, Radical and CX 200 are in the same category, while the Tfight is a bit more demanding and the Prestige MP L a bit more forgiving.

Pure strike tour vs head radical mp/pro vs head speed mp. The Speed and Radical MP are the safest bets here. The PS Strike Tour and Radical Pro are a bit more on the heftier side and requires more from the user.

David Martinez
RF 97 v13 vs Head Prestige Pro/Tour (2021) vs Head Speed Pro (The novak looking one). Was thinking of upgrading to one of these three, but I am not sure how they compare or what type of players each of them suits. These are demanding racquets. I would not consider them unless you are an advanced player (4.5+). The Speed Pro is the most forgiving one, while the Prestige has the most control and the smallest sweet spot. The RF97 is quite a heavy racquet and will be tough to swing in the third set.

Thomas Miglio
Speed MP, Radical MP, Prestige MP. The HEAD MPs! The Speed is the most forgiving, the Radical is the most versatile, the Prestige requires the most from the user. 

Steve Walsh
Ezone 100 v Pure Drive, please. Solinco Blackout v Pure Drive. The Pure Drive is the stiffest and powerful, the Ezone is a bit more forgiving and slightly more arm-friendly, while the Blackout lands in the middle. For spin, I would say the Pure Drive is better than the Ezone.

Rafe Curyer
Prestige Tour (16×19 95sq inch previously pro) vs ultra pro 16×19 vs new Vcore 95. The Prestige Tour is a heavy beast, but nice if you can handle it. The Ultra Pro is a great racquet, but needs some customization. The VCORE 95 is the most forgiving and spin-friendly of the bunch (plays like a 98), but has a lot of dampening and less direct feel.

Get a guest player 4.5+ Do tournament-style knockout battles with a bunch of rackets. Similar to the ATT youtube channel… it’s a fun watch, and you don’t have to stick to a theme of 98’s, 100’s, power or control sticks. Just a proper mixed bag. Fun idea! I like the ATT stuff and I’m a friend of Ross, who runs it.

Ace Lendell
Blade 100 vd Head gravity. The Blade 100 gives you a bit more power and spin potential, the Gravity MP is softer in feel and with some weight in the head can offer nice power too. Tough choice, they are quite similar and I mention them both in my list of the best intermediate racquets

Alberto López
All the auxetic racquets from Head. OMG! I can do an update HEAD racquet video, though.

Paul Liszewski
Yonex Ezone vs Vcore. They are quite different these racquets. The Ezone is firmer and offers more power but better directional control. The VCORE are muted and have a high launch angle. I find them a bit tougher to read/control.

The last batch of racquet comparisons

Vcore 95 vs pro staff 97 for ohbh. These are both excellent for the one-hander, in my opinion. The VCORE 95 wins by a narrow margin as it is a bit more forgiving.

Aero vs vcore vs extreme (100 & 98). I did do a video about the best spin racquets. These are all excellent racquets, but it’s a matter of feel. My fave is the HEAD Extreme Tour because of a nice mix of control, spin and comfort. 

Auxetic Radical MP vs PA98 – The Radical is a lot more controlled, while the Pure Aero is more spin and power-oriented. 
Pro Staff 97 v14 vs Aux Prestige Pro – The Prestige Pro is more control-focused with the thinner beam, while the Pro Staff packs a bit more power. 

William Clayton
Yonex V-Core pro 97 310 vs Pro Staff 97. The VCORE Pro is a lot softer and dampened in feel. It also offers a bit more power/spin, while the PS 97 is all about precision.

Speed Pro 2022 and Wilson shift 315, please! The Speed Pro offers better control than the Shift. If you don’t hit with loads of spin, the Shift can be a bit wild. 

Felipe Aguilar Rojas
Speed pro & tfight iso 305. Both of these racquets have high swing weights, good stability and plow-through. But the Speed Pro is more forgiving and easier to use, while the Tfight feels a bit more like an old-school type of racquet.

Emanuele Bortolazzi
Vcore 98/head extreme tour/ babolat aero vs. This is answered in the spin-racquets content. My fave is the Extreme Tour.

alessandro profeta
Tecnifibre t fight iso 300 – Have yet to try this one. 
Head boom mp and pro – The MP is much easier to swing and use and I prefer that over the Pro. My friend and ex-pro, Karl Adrian, actually has made the switch to the Boom MP customized!
Yonex vcore 98 and 100 – The 100 is very powerful and tough to control, I prefer the 98. It’s also softer.

Donnay Formula 100, Pure Drive, Ezone 100, FX 500, basically the 100 inch tweeners lol. This can be done.

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Robert James May 29, 2023 - 10:25

Hey Jonas. What about a video comparing rackets by feel rather than other characteristics. It’s often the thing that makes me go for a racket – as was the case with the VCore 95. Appreciate strings make a difference here but there’s input from the rackets too. Something like “best rackets for ball pocketing”.


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