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Fabio Fognini to Hydrogen

Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini is moving from Adidas apparel to Italian brand skull-inspired brand Hydrogen. In the above pic he is posing with the Hydrogen founder Alberto Bresci, who closed 2016 with a 15% rise and a revenue of approximately 12 million euro.

Fabio Fognini joins his friend Simone Bolelli and Nikoloz Basilashvili in the Hydrogen team. If you’re interested in Fabio Fognini’s racquet, click here or please check out this list of ATP professionals gear such as Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray.

What do you think of Fognini’s skull-infested Hydrogen kits? Please write in the comments field.

(Photo credit PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

My opinion is that it’s nice to see up-and-coming brands challenging the tennis giants of Nike and Adidas and with some clever use of brand ambassadors, I’m sure there is plenty of market share to take. Hydrogen resorted to one of the most iconic symbols in popular culture: the skull. And it seems to work to create buzz, especially in the more traditional atmosphere in Wimbledon where, during his hard-fought match against home favourite Andy Murray, a lot of people reacted to Fognini’s apparel as aggressive (and I’m sure equally many wondered – “where can I buy it?”.

Where can you buy Hydrogen apparel? You can for example check out Tennis Warehouse or Hydrogen’s official website.

No matter what he wears on the court, Fabio Fognini is an exciting and talented player to watch. His biggest opponent has always been his mental stability, especially against weaker opponents, but when he is faced with one of the best players in the world, he usually plays his best tennis and has beaten Rafael Nadal three times, with twice being on clay!

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  • Sir, I find your logo of a helmet & goggles very offensive and threatening and Wimbledon is certainly not a place for this type of arrogant, threatening advertising. Thought provoking? certainly...... but all in all I find it offensive, threatening and last but by no means least, very, very purile.

  • I also feel that the logo can be an insult to a lot of others especially those who don't understand what it represents.

  • I do hope Fabio Fognini is not a satanist. What does Hydrogen brand wants to say with a skull as its logo? That is disgustingly negative! What mentality does one show wearing such a logo?

    • Hi Lambert,
      I think the skull is still seen as "cool" and "funky" by a pretty large-sized target group. I don't think he's a satanist, but he sure has a slightly different mentality than most tennis players. Especially when he "loses his cool".

      Cheers / J

  • My husband wants one of these shirts.
    Can you tell me where to order?
    I have tried unsuccessfully
    Thank you

  • Fabio has a great athletic body and Hydrogen brand does not show it off - he needs much better fitting shorts please, and light coloured.

  • It looks like a neo-nazi brand. It should not be allowed in any sanctioned event. Anywhere. Anytime. By anyone. I bet they sell some of this junk to white supremacists everywhere.

  • In China FF played in white gear which really allowed him to display his true peacock strut. Tighter white shorts so better at displaying his attributes and giving him the freedom to stretch wide.

  • I don’t understand the skull feature of the brand and what it’s trying to represent. It doesn’t fit with the company’s name. It does remind greatly of the Gestapo emblem on it’s officers uniforms, and that is disturbing for me. A skull in any context other than anatomy means something to do with death. The founder could have chosen better, but it is his company and his choice of course.

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