Mental Tennis

Podcast with Filippo Gioiello from Mental Tennis

Filippo Gioiello is a mental tennis trainer and founder of Mental Tennis. He has created a process to strengthen your approach to tennis.

The idea of Mental Tennis is to make you enjoy competitive tennis more and create a strong mental foundation to play better, increase your love for the game, and win more matches. I have worked with Filippo for a few months and I have really learned a lot from it. I think the mental part of the game is often overlooked when it comes to training and I find this area of the game fascinating. I hope this podcast can give other players an idea of how important mental tennis is. If you want to find out more about Filippo and his company, check out Mental Tennis here.

Mental Tennis is all about practical tools to improve your tennis and it’s based on learnings from the professional tennis tours and players like Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer. It’s also about an approach to the sport that will help you reduce tension and anxiety around tennis competition and enjoy it more. This is an area I have struggled with personally. I sometimes get so tense around a tournament that I don’t find the fun in competing. It’s something I have worked on a lot and thanks in part to Filippo and Mental Tennis, I look forward to playing matches and tournaments now.

I can only expect it is much worse for players who compete for prize money and ranking points!

Podcast with Filippo Gioiello from Mental Tennis

You can listen to my podcast with Filippo via the embedded Podbean player below or you can check it out on iTunes or Spotify. If you like my podcast, I would love it if you subscribed. And if you want to listen to more podcasts than what I have currently published on Podbean and YouTube, check out my Patreon page where I do a members-only podcast every week about various topics. I hope to be able to write and talk more about the topic of mental tennis in future podcasts and posts.

Thanks to Filippo and his team from Mental Tennis: Andrea, Marco, and Francesco.



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