Raducanu vs Fernandez

It’s happened – the teenagers are in the final in the women’s US Open. Raducanu vs Fernandez. Who is your pick to win a Grand Slam?

Raducanu vs Fernandez. Two 18-year-olds in a Grand Slam final (I did predict this!). It’s shocking but encouraging. And they have both deserved it by playing spectacular tennis. Fernandez has had the tougher path with plenty of hard-fought three-setters (defeating Svitolina and Sabalenka in the quarter-finals for example), while Raducanu has been hitting winners left-right, and centers, taking the ball early and putting her opponents on the back foot from the first shot.

Does this affect the prediction of the biggest match of their relatively short careers? In my opinion, not really. It’s all about handling the nerves that this gigantic occasion will bring. Who has the coolest head, Raducanu or Fernandez?

Read about the Raducanu vs Fernandez match on the official WTA website.

Who is going to win?

The way I see it, Raducanu has more energy left because she hasn’t dropped a set. If she can just keep playing with that burning confidence, she should be the favorite.

On the other hand, Fernandez has come through a few tough matches and has already been in rough spots and handled them all exceptionally well. She is likely not going to freak out if she drops the first set and will keep fighting. This can be a contrast to what would happen to Raducanu if she gets her first rough start in the tournament.

But maybe Raducanu’s shotmaking is just too strong and she will come out firing? Maybe it’s just her tournament. She hasn’t shown much in terms of nerves so far, but will this change as we move into the final? It will for sure be an exciting watch!

The bookies seem to hold Raducanu as the favorite. Likely because of her dominant display so far. Can she keep it up?

Who do you think will win the Women’s US Open final 2021?


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  • It's great for the game that two new stars have appeared. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, the match should be fascinating as they both have rounded techniques, aggressive styles and solid defense too. Having watched Raducanu since 2019 I have to say she has an incredible combination of Federer-esque anticipation and shot-choice, with Agassi-esque flat ball striking off both wings. Her stick appears to be an H22 16x19. I'd be very interested to know what string tension she plays as the combination of power and accuracy is mind-boggling!

  • Hi Jonas
    Sure the womens tennis is good but same money as the men for only 3 sets ? maybe they should play the best of less number of games but play 5 sets. This would relate better for grand Slams in my books
    regards Ed

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