Tennis Tools

Retenser – Adjust your string tension after stringing

I've been testing the Retenser, a Dutch innovation which allows you to adjust your string tension after stringing. You add… Read More

4 weeks ago

Sweet Spot Training Racquets

Some players find it useful to improve your contact point by using sweet spot training racquets like the Sweet Spotter… Read More

2 months ago

Swingvision Review and Interview

As some of you might know, I've been using Swingvision to analyze and edit my practice matches. Here is my… Read More

3 months ago

Artengo accessories and strings – Are they any good?

Ferenc Ferdinand Weisz is back with a review - this time dealing with Artengo accessories and strings. Word over to… Read More

4 months ago

What does the dampener do?

Do you use a dampener or not? It's a personal taste thing. But what does the dampener do? Here's a┬ánew… Read More

7 months ago

Learning the grips in tennis

One of the issues facing many new players is learning the grips in tennis. There are a few tools you… Read More

8 months ago

Try Swingvision for free

The app Swingvision offers real-time video analysis and coaching using just an iPhone*. This is how you can try Swingvision… Read More

9 months ago

Tennis Ratings Explained

For my reviews, I use the NTRP rating to describe player level. But not everyone understands NTRP. Here are tennis… Read More

11 months ago

Top Level Tennis – Improve Your Tennis with Boris Becker

I have received a test membership of the new online tennis academy Top Level Tennis. I will review their videos… Read More

1 year ago

TopSpinPro Review

I'm always interested in tools that can help me improve my tennis. That is why I was keen to do… Read More

2 years ago